Why HealFlex®?

Stiff joints can hold you back from life you want to live. And while there are plenty of joint supplements out there that say they can help, many have problems:

  • weak formulas; just 1-2 low-potency ingredients,
  • inconvenient; have to take many large pills,
  • quality so low that they just don’t work!

HEALFLEX® is Better. Here’s Why:

By combining 9 active nutrients in precise ratios and strong potencies, HEALFLEX® has unlocked a true natural breakthrough for lasting flexibility.

HEALFLEX® works so well because it enhances Virtually Every Aspect of Joint Health, including:

  • Flexible tendons & ligaments,
  • Hydrated & lubricated joints,
  • Cushy, shock-absorbing cartilage,
  • Strong & solid joint structure,
  • Healthy Joint spacing,
  • Soothing immune responses,
  • Antioxidant joint defenses,
  • New cartilage formation.

The Flex is the Formula!

HEALFLEX’s exclusive formula is like no other joint product available – featuring 9 active nutrients presented in three balanced groups:

“The Big Three

The world’s most popular combination for joint health is HEALFLEX’s core.

  • Glucosamine Sulfate: Helps renew cartilage, repair joints and keep them comfortably lubricated.
  • Chondroitin Sulfate: Glucosamine’s “Partner”; together shown to relieve 79.2% of knee aches.
  • MSM: Sulfur that helps form and strengthen connective tissues; works better with glucosamine.

Herbal Soothers

A long history of soothing achy joints around the world.

  • Boswellia Serrata: Sap-like resin from Indian Frankincense plant, for joint stiffness.
  • Turmeric: “Golden Root” spice with powerful joint-soothing antioxidant activity.
  • Ginger: A “warming” spice that eases away occasional joint aches and swelling.

Joint Enhancers

Versatile joint support activity that completes the HEALFLEX® formula

  • Hyaluronic acid: Key building block of cartilage, joint lubrication and skin. Declines with age.
  • Vitamin C: Helps make proteins that form all connective tissues in the body, including cartilage.
  • Zinc: Elemental mineral support shown effective for stiffness, swelling & walking comfort.

Each of these 9 ingredients can work on its own to help joints. But when they are combined in the potencies and ratios found only in HEALFLEX®, they seem to work even better.

HEALFLEX® helps you FEEL Great!

All of HEALFLEX’s bio-activities support both long-term joint health outlook and healthy mobility right now. Most importantly HEALH FLEX® supports the comfortable, easy movement that helps you live your life to the fullest:

  • Staying healthy & having fun: Tennis, golf, swimming, jogging, weightlifting.
  • Peak Productivity in your work: Professionally, housework, yardwork, etc.
  • Enjoying playtime with your children and grandchildren… and keeping up!
  • Dancing the night away with your favorite partner
  • Re-discovering your own exuberance, energy and zest for life!

The active, happy moments that make life great all depend on joint health.

HEALFLEX® takes you there.

Try it today: Discover how HEALFLEX’s nutrition can activate your joints – helping you to feel happier and healthier than ever!

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